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We specialize in portfolio management and work closely with clients to construct investment portfolios designed to help them achieve their financial goals, whether that be retirement, traveling the world, or planning for college expenses.  As an independent advisor, we have complete freedom in selecting investment vehicles to construct individual client portfolios, which include a combination of low cost exchange traded funds as well as individual stocks and bonds.


We work with clients to take a comprehensive look at their overall financial profile.  This ensures all the pieces of the puzzle fit together regardless of a client’s stage in life whether that be accumulating wealth, planning for retirement, or setting up an estate for a smooth transition to your next generation.

We meet with clients on a regular basis to make sure they understand where they are at any given time on their financial journey and to make sure they are on track to achieving their goals.  We understand that every situation is different and we believe we add value with actionable advice to improve each financial profile.





Paradigm emphasizes a patient, disciplined approach to investing and risk management


We do not believe that short term market trends can be predicted consistently, so we focus on fundamental factors that will be key drivers of investment value over a longer period of time.


We focus closely on risk management so that periodic bursts of volatility don’t lead clients to abandon their investment plans.


We aim to help clients balance their short term market fears with their longer term needs and objectives.


Paradigm Capital Management is an independent investment advisory firm focused on providing portfolio management and wealth management services.  Founded in Reno, Nevada in 1996, our firm has always operated under a fiduciary standard of care to act in the best interest of our clients.  We are a fee only advisor which allows us to provide unbiased financial advice without undue influence from compensation for product sales.  As an independent advisor, we have the freedom and flexibility to focus on our clients without any corporate influence such as sales and growth targets.  Our goal is to build long term relationships with clients to help advise on a variety of areas impacting financial life.

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